Tabbed Calculator

Tabbed Calculator is an application that contains basic, scientific calculator and unit converter each in separate tab.

Each tab have own memory so You can two indepentent calculations in basic and scientific part.
of app.

You can convert units like time, volume, areas, angles, length and much more!

In scientific calculator “e” means Euler number (2.718281828459045….).

Of course order of evaluations is preserved.

Main features:
-basic and scientific modes
-unit converet which can convert: angles, lenghts, time, areas, power and more
-navigation using tabs system
-support for percentages calculating (10+10% = 11 and 10*50% = 5)
-preserves the order of evaluations (2+2*2 = 6)
-contains π and Euler number( “e” at scientific calc)
-remember calculations after closing app
-simple design



Download link: