Safety Guardian

Safety Guardian is a geofencing app to allow you to define restricted and allowed areas and monitor your status within them using the gps module. There are three types of area shapes making it possible to fulfill your every need.
When the application detects that you left allowed or entered a restricted area it will send an alert, with text and method chosen by you: either a notification on the device itself or a message or even a call made at the specified number.
You can even create tasks which will enable areas at set times or dates, with more advanced options also available.
Key Features:
-monitor your position using GPS module,
-show your current position on map,
-create allowed and restricted areas (geofence),
-specify different warning text for each area,
-three types of areas: polygon, polyline, circle,
-three methods of notification: using the notification bar, sending sms, making calls,
-create tasks to automate enabling areas,
-creating history of your positions.
With Safety Guardian you can for example:
– create a reminder about taking important documents after leaving home,
– create a safe area for your children and be notified if they leave it,
– be informed when you enter a dangerous area in city you don’t know (by setting them as restricted area, judging by area opinion)
-and more!


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