Budget Manager

Have You ever wonder how You spent money?
This question can be answered with using Budget Manager which helps You with tracking, managing and optimizing personal finances.

Adding transactions is very simple and they can be categorized to allow You optimize Yours finances.

History of Your transactions can be filtered by date, categories, subcategories and type if it’s income or spending so You can quickly analysis how You spend money or how You earn it.

Thanks to integration with Google Drive You can backup and restore Your data. Please note that backup is need to be done manually by choosing correct option.

To personalize displaying values there are multiple currencies to choose like USD, PLN, GBP.

Key features:
1. Easily saving Your incomes and spendings
2. Categories of transactions which can be splitted into subcategories
3. History of Yours deals
4. Income/spendings charts
5. Backuping data on Google Drive
6. Various currencies to choose

Don’t wait and download Budget Manager so You can have Your finances under control.